Conferences and Speaking

Public Speaking:

 An exciting public speaker, Patricia is available to lecture your group about personal growth and creativity or your company personnel on how to treat people, business motivation, loyalty, "the law of attraction," and higher sales .

Patricia has spoken at Rotary Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, Congressional Receptions, Companies and Clubs.

She's spoken on such various topics as -- "Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs," "Laughing all the Way Whle Being a Serious Success," "Creating Sacred Space," and "Sex -- Regular verses Tantric High Test."   

She's taught workshops on "Heart Center -- the Foundation" and "How to Find and Follow Your Path."   

Workshops and Conferences:

 Patricia is available for weekend workshops or weeklong conferences on transformation and change.

Patricia has lead many conferences and workshops at Learning Annexes, Life Expos,

and Spiritual Institutions and Spas around the country (San Francisco, NYC, Columbus, LA, San Diego, Miami, Rhinebeck).


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