Patricia Heller has lived many lives in one.  A singer and entertainer, she has also been a banker, mortgage banker, artist rep and successful real estate investor. 

Twenty-five or so years ago her life changed dramatically when she began suffering from the debilitating effects of allergies to the world and chronic fatigue syndrome.

After twelve years of trying every treatment available in traditional medicine with no success, her life became a dedicated search for health, truth, and beauty. She turned to methods untraditional and at her first conference studying psychic, energy and spiritual healing learned how to heal herself.  She also discovered  the ability to facilitate healing in others through intuitive and life counseling, energy healing and healing hands.She continued on this path traveling and learning from
people at places all over the world.

With her favorite teacher, W. Brugh Joy, MD, she studied the mystery schools and heart center transformation. She learned intuitive healing with Carolyn Conger, PHD. In Sedona with a native American Navaho Medicine woman she opened to psychic and energy healing, and learned about powerful energy vortexes and how they can be usedHer travels to Egypt and Italy to connect to ancient healing rites are the stuff book chapters are made of.... 

A Reike Master, Patricia received her training in Hawaii from Asohana Solarius. Then on to Canada to practice singing from her soul, learn transcendental meditation and intuiting into other people's spirit guides. In Mexico she studied Goddess Tantra with Carolyn Muir and Sky dancing Tantra at a monastery in California with Margo Anand.

She's danced and chanted with Shamans, done healing and drumming with Indian Medicine women, spent the night alone in the Great Sphinx in Egypt, which was an incredible initiation into higher consciousness, followed the trail of the Etruscans throughout Italy, as well as walking the path of the Goddess Sibyl, the prophetic priestess presiding over the Apollonian oracle at Cumae near Naples, Italy.

In her forties and early fifties she studied creative writing at Yale and voice at Juilliard got A's and invited into both to finish her degree. She didn't need to, the biggest lesson she learned was that she was "good enough" and she went on to write her book and continue her singing.

She offers heart centered personal consultations on how to live a fuller, healthier life by inducting others into a higher awareness of universal guidance.  There they find their own innate ability to heal, realize their passion and purpose, meet their inner teacher and learn how to be well, have their dreams and lead fuller, richer lives. .Patricia's abilities to intuit into problem areas and answers are remarkable.


IF YOU HEAR THE MESSAGE THREE TIMES, LISTEN has been at the top of the charts and is a best seller in hardcover in Norway.